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Sunday, May 23, 2004 AD
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LCMS Commission on Worship

Convention Updates to LSB Proposal

On May 13, 2004, the final field test of Lutheran
Service Book was concluded. On May 18 the Commission
on Worship met to review the collected data and make
final decisions concerning the proposal that will be
presented to the synodical convention in July.

The changes listed below have been made to the LSB
proposal that was sent to all convention delegates and
rostered church workers earlier in May.

1) The following hymns and songs have been removed
from the pew edition and placed in the electronic
edition instead:

As the Deer
Blest Are They
How Majestic Is Your Name
In the Morning When I Rise
Jesus, Name above All Names
My Lord, What a Morning
There Is a Redeemer
Thy Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet
Yesu, Yesu, Fill Us with Your Love

2) The following hymns have been added to the pew

Christ Is the World's Redeemer
Come, O Precious Ransom, Come
Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain
Preserve Your Word, O Savior (tune: Munich)
Seek Where You May (TLH tune)

3) The following hymns that have been added to the
electronic edition:

God, Whose Almighty Word
O Christ, Our Hope
O Jesus, King Most Wonderful (tune: St. Agnes)
Oh, What Their Joy
Sweet Flowerets of the Martyr Band
The Ancient Law Departs
To Your Temple, Lord, I Come

4) One additional hymn has been added to the list on
p. 191 of the proposal:

Consider How the Birds Above

5) Other changes

The optional foot washing (p. 73) has been removed.
The updated version of the Lord's Prayer (as it
appears throughout LW) will be included once in a
conveniently-found location in LSB.
In the rite of Holy Matrimony, the words "and thus
avoid sexual immorality" are removed. (Emphasis mine).

The Preparation for Confession (p. 43) has been
removed from the proposal. This action was taken prior
to the final field test.

6) Small Catechism

Included in the LSB proposal are modifications to the
Small Catechism in those places where Scripture is
quoted. Since the catechism was previously approved by
the Synod in convention, the commission has submitted
the following late overture so that any change in the
catechism will again be made by direct convention

To Ensure Uniformity in Catechism Translation


In 1986 the Synod in convention adopted a new
translation of the Small Catechism (Res. 2-16). In
addition to updating Luther's explanations, the
catechism task force chose to use the New
International Version in those places where Scripture
is quoted. In 1989, the Synod resolved that all future
printings of Lutheran Worship use the new version of
the catechism (Res. 2-04). One of the unfortunate
results of this change is that existing copies of LW
have different versions of the catechism, making it
difficult to use in corporate worship.

The Commission on Worship intends to include the
catechism in the new hymnal. However, in order to
avoid the future problem of different versions of the
catechism appearing in the hymnal, the commission
proposes making the change at this time to the English
Standard Version in those places where Scripture is
quoted in Luther's catechism. Exceptions to this are

First Commandment—omission of the words "before me"
(following Luther's original)
Fourth Commandment—omission of the words "that your
days may be long
" (following Luther's original)
Office of the Keys—the quotation of John 20:23 will
use the New King James Version.

The commission makes this recommendation at this time
in order to avoid the problem of multiple translations
of the catechism creating more confusion in the

Because the texts of the Table of Duty passages will
not be included in the hymnal, the commission makes no
recommendation on choice of translation at this time.

RESOLVED the 1986 translation of the Small Catechism
be retained for all of Luther's explanations; and be
it further

RESOLVED, that the text of the Small Catechism use the
English Standard Version as the primary translation in
those places where Holy Scripture is quoted; and be it

RESOLVED, that the text of the catechism as it is
included in the Lutheran Service Book proposal serve
as an approved revision of the 1986 translation.

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